Green jobs

An Ideal Bite tip of the day:

Get a green career in 2008. If you spend all day at work watching the clock, you might be in the wrong biz. Make your living doing something great for the planet, and your TGIF might change to TGIM.

The Benefits

  • Upping job satisfaction. We can’t guarantee that you’ll never come down with Monday-itis, but when you spend your 9 to 5 doing something you care about, it shows.
  • Getting in on the action. The eco market is hot – Forbes says the green industry is one of the fastest-growing job sectors, and the House even passed the Green Jobs Act last year, which authorizes $125 mil for green job training.
  • Using your talents. We know you got skillz, so put ’em to work for the earth.

    Wanna Try?

  • Green Dream Jobs – sustainable biz job listings.
  • Idealist – create a personal profile based on your interests and skills, and it’ll help you find your perfect nonprof job match.
  • Net Impact – network of MBAs, grad students, and professionals who are using business for the greater good, eco and otherwise.
  • TreeHugger Jobs – one of our fave green blogs now has green job listings.
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