Green home improvement

Here are some simple ways you can improve your home this spring in an eco-friendly manner:

  • Share, borrow or rent tools and equipment with your family, friends and neighbours, instead of buying your own. You can also go to your local Home Depot and Lowe’s to check if you can rent the equipment you need. Upside? No need to occupy space in your house.If you really must buy tools and equipment, select quality tools and equipment that will serve you for a long time. And yes, do share or rent it out to others. Donate unwanted tools to charities.
  • Use natural light to the max. Paint your walls a light color. Use mirrors to reflect the light. Clear out window ledges. Pull the curtains back.
  • Use hedge plants, instead of fence panels.
  • Plant local flowers and shrubs.
  • Use a walk-behind or self-propelled mower. Benefits? Zero emissions that is good for the environment and exercise that is good for you.
  • Use solar-powered lighting in your yard or patio.
  • Check out tag sales, auctions, reclamation yards and secondhand shops.
  • Reuse old furniture instead of buying new.

By the way, Home Depot has an Eco Options Home Page that will make it easy for you to buy.

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