Green gathering in Manila on July 28th!

This year, July 28 is the date of the Philippine president’s State of the Nation address, an event that draws much criticism from political opponents, casual observers, and militant groups alike. Partido Kalikasan–literally, Nature Party, but is known as the Philippine Green Party–is holding a similar event on the same day.

Partido Kalikasan (, Philippines Greens, KAALAGAD and PEPE agreed earlier that they will issue a “Greens SONA-State of the Nation Address” statement and organize a “SONA ALL Greens Rally” on July 28, SONA Day.

This event will publicly launch the ALLIANCE GREEN or ALL GREENS political movement that will act as a common platform for all groups forming a national green party.

For more inquiries, please email or send us a
txt at 0916 4755004 or 0929 4418247.

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