Green Dog Wash

Grooming is a major part of keeping your dogs clean and healthy, but if you’ve never felt entirely comfortable leaving your precious pooch in the hands of groomers, you’re not alone. Brian Corby thought it would be a great idea to have a self-service dog wash, and made his idea come to life last month, when Green Dog Wash opened in SoHo, Tampa, Florida. Green Dog Wash lets you wash your dog in a relaxed environment and even pick up some tips on eco-friendly pet care, as your pet spends time getting clean then getting to know other dogs in the dog wash, too. Green cleansers, cleverly named ShamPooch, have been developed by Green Dog Wash and eco-friendly toys and treats are available too.

Green Dog Wash, already known for its earth-friendly products and its use of all-recycled items, is working hard to be even greener and has recently joined San Francisco-based group The Matter of Trust, an organization that weaves mats out of hair gathered from salons and sends them off to be used to clean up oil spills. Green Dog Wash contributes a significant amount of dog hair and sends the lot to California.

It’s definitely a clever idea that can only have come from someone who’s truly dedicated to his pet, and luckily, Green Dog Wash is something that can do good for everyone else’s dogs, too.

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