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Obon Ink'd pen

  • If you’re looking for a job in an industry or company connected with preserving the environment, start your search at The site is still growing, but there are some pretty interesting listings available now. We’re looking forward to seeing a more beefed-up Resource Center on the site. Check them out on Facebook, too.
  • Have a lot of old mobile phones around your house? Consider donating them to the HopeLine program by Verizon. You’ll be saving the environment and helping victims of domestic violence at the same time. Learn more about HopeLine here (PDF).
  • Can you green your home and your lifestyle one day at a time, and by shooting for goals you can actually, realistically achieve? Going Green Today can prepare an action plan for you.
  • Check out a list of the greenest dorms in the world, compiled by
  • We’re big fans of O’Bon here, so we’re thrilled to find out that they’re coming out with ink’d biodegradable pens. The pens are made with a material they call Bio’bon, which decomposes into carbon and water quickly, achieving 82.3% biodegradation in 101 days.

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