Good green things

  • Jeans are a basic wardrobe staple for practically everyone, but did you know that making them requires a lot of water and chemicals? Fortunately, companies are finding ways to make some green jeans, either by using organic fabrics or natural dyes. A new method called Advanced Denim uses up to 92 percent less water and up to 30 percent less energy than conventional methods.
  • Fans of organic beauty products will be thrilled to know that a new hair care line called Muse Organics has been launched recently.
  • Welsh company Bikes and Buttons is doing something different with children’s parties by giving them a green twist and teaching kids about recycling and the environment.
  • This gorgeous Laguna Beach home may get LEED-certified soon. If you’ve got your heart set on it, make sure you have $17.9 million.
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