Good green things

  • Bamboo buildings are on the rise in Bali, Indonesia. A school, a chocolate factory, a bridge, and luxury villas are just some of the structures built out of bamboo, and they do look pretty good.
  • Eco-friendly lamps are not a new concept, but what can make them different is how they’re powered. The three lamps shown above are powered by blood, algae, and breath. I’m kind of worried about the blood-powered one…
  • These eco-friendly chargers not only juice up your gadgets and use less power, they’re rather pretty, too.
  • New Zealand company Go Bamboo won a prize for their bamboo toothbrush, which is available for both adults and kids. The toothbrush is made of bamboo and sealed with an edible wax. Read more about the product.
  • An online game called “Happy Farm” inspired the creation of a pig farm in China’s Jiangsu Province, which is gaining attention because it provides pigs with spacious, clean, and environmentally-friendly surroundings. The pigs are considered organic because they’re not fed any antibiotics.
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