Goats to mow the lawn at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

A cute goatOkay, so the happy, smiling goat in this picture will not be among those who will be working at O’Hare. But I’ll take any excuse to post this picture.

Anyway, O’Hare Airport is taking on some unique employees: a herd of 25 goats and a goat herder who will keep the goats in line. The goats will take on landscaping duties, or tasks that are considered “sustainable vegetation management grazing services.” They were obtained from Butcher & the Burger, a Chicago restaurant, and will get to work on grazing in “hilly areas near creeks and streams and roadway right-of-ways.” They’ll stay in a trailer at night, and a fence will help keep them away from the airfield itself.

It sounds unusual at first–until you realize that this is one of O’Hare’s ways to become greener. Having the goats around will save quite a lot on landscaping costs, make fuel and equipment unnecessary, and eliminate the need for grass cutting. This step is definitely in line with O’Hare’s goal of becoming the most sustainable airport in the U.S.

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