Get to know Christine Marchuska of green clothing brand cmarchuska (part 2)

Here’s the second part of our interview with cmarchuska‘s Christine Marchuska.

How do you come up with styles and designs?
I come up with styles and designs through the influence of my friends and family. I am always around these incredibly stylish women and I often get inspiration by their personal style along with my own. I used to hate to spend money on work clothes that really couldn’t be worn out at night so I also try to make all of my pieces versatile such as the christine dress or upcoming lindsey dress which could be dressed down for the office and then dressed up for night.

Do any particular designers inspire you?
Many designers inspire me – Rogan, Tom Ford, DVF are a few at the top of my list.

How eco-friendly is your lifestyle?

My lifestyle is pretty eco-friendly. Some of the ways I try to practice being green at home are the following: Unplugging cell phone chargers and appliances when they are not in use, recycling, conserving paper and energy by sending documents/look books online vs printing them out, reading newspapers/magazines online, taking very short showers and limiting water usage.

Where is cmarchuska headed next?
cmarchuska is headed to ECOCOLLECTION which is part of the huge MAGIC trade show in Vegas on February 17-19. I cannot wait to get my line out to boutiques and stores all over the world. It should be an exciting show with lots of new, up-and-coming sustainable designers. I can’t wait!

Any advice for aspiring eco-fashion designers?
My advice is do your research and then to go for it. Now is the time to get involved in eco-fashion. It isn’t going away – it’s only getting bigger and better.

Any tips for people on living eco-friendlier lives?
Always think about the mantra that less is more. Make sure to monitor the waste you generate and think of some easy ways on how to reduce it such as recycling, reading publications online, e-mailing instead of sending snail mail, etc.

How hard is it to go green in the fashion industry?
It is pretty tough because most of the sustainable fabrics out there are knits so you have to be creative on how to make high-end stylish clothing with the current fabrics available. However, I think this is going to change as mills continue to create more advanced fibers and fabrics.

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