Get fit at the Greenasium

Since getting fit and losing weight is on a lot of people’s list of New Year’s resolutions, you might as well do so in a healthful, eco-friendly location. Fortunately for residents of Encinitas, California, a new fitness studio has opened its doors: the Greenasium, which offers everything from personal training, cardio workouts, yoga, and circuit classes.

So how green is it? First of all, it sets itself apart from other gyms by not having air conditioning; the sea breezes make the place pretty cool and comfortable. The wooden floor is made from bamboo and rubber mats were created out of recycled tires. Another bonus is the stationary bikes, which generate electricity for the place.

The Greenasium also has a no-plastic policy, so unlike other gyms that provide people with plastic cups in case they forget their own drinking bottles, you can have a drink of water from the gym’s ceramic mugs. Keep in mind that they also don’t sell energy drinks and bottled water.

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