Get a whiff of something fresh and green

I’m not the biggest beauty buff, but I like looking at beauty products from time to time just to see what’s out there. What I’ve found recently is eco-friendly perfume. What makes a perfume eco-friendly, anyway? Based on the ones I’ve found, these should be:

  • cruelty-free, meaning not tested on animals
  • made of natural, organic ingredients…
  • …which have been sustainably harvested
  • dye-free, artificial perfume-free, and chemical-free
  • in recyclable, environmentally responsible packaging
  • Aura Cacia offers a few perfumes, Root, Wood, Leaf, Flower, and Fruit, which are made with natural oils. As part of Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Aura Cacia implements the Well Earth program, which helps ensure that they create sustainable products using organic ingredients.

    Ecco Bella offers two scents, lavender and lemon verbena, both of which use natural grain alcohol. If you check out both product pages, take note of the ingredients: they’re incredibly simple and recognizable.

    Kate’s Caring Gifts carries this all-natural vegan perfume made with essential floral oils in organic jojoba oil.

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