Geo Wash® – A greener car wash in New York City

By the end of next month, car owners in New York City can try Geo Wash®, the eco-friendly car wash. Why eco-friendly? Take a look at the washing cart used to handwash each car.

(Photo taken from the Geo Wash website. For more information on the washing cart, go here.)

According to their Environment page:

“Geo Wash® is committed to the protection of the environment. We developed the most efficient car wash technology to offer premium services minimizing the use of water and energy.

“Eco-Friendly Car Wash.

“While traditional car wash systems use more than 200 litres of water and power consuming devices, we just need less than 5 litres of water per service and we use 100% bio-degradable cleaning formulas.”

If you own a car in New York City, drop by Geo Wash.

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