Garbage grows in “cleanest and greenest city”

I was just in Baguio City a few weeks ago. I adore that place; it’s still one of my favorite spots ever, despite the urbanization, the traffic, and the alarming increase in pedestrian overpasses. Portions of it still retain their original charm, though I do concede that people who remember Baguio in its heyday will find it a bit too crowded these days.

But the City of Pines (or Summer Capital, whichever nickname you like) looks like it’s set for more trouble. The local government has decided to put a halt to garbage collection until residents start segregating their refuse. Only ten barangays (click here to know what a barangay is) have complied with the waste segregation directive so far.

I understand why the city government is adamant about getting the people to segregate trash, but I think they’re going about it the wrong way. This effort won’t make people give in easily to the ordinance, but will actually cause them to dislike the city government even more. Of course, it would just be easier if the barangays took it upon themselves to start segregating their waste, and it would be very helpful if the community leaders led the way. Unfortunately, a lot of people do believe that waste segregation is inconvenient, and some even say it’s elitist, since only the better-off members of the community can understand the need for this and could afford to do so.

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