Garbage becomes gold

In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, there’s a man in Ankh-Morpork called Harry King, the King of the Golden River. Basically, what he does is put away people’s…waste products for them. It turned him into quite a rich man, especially because no one is doing the same thing in the city.

That’s pretty much what Waste Management does, except they concern themselves more with garbage collecting and recycling.

In the garbage business, Waste Management handles all aspects of the garbage business, like collection, landfills, recycling and power generation.

Cities and municipalities contract with Waste Management and other garbage companies to have their garbage removed. While the collection side is often a competitive business, there are a few companies who actually own the landfills. Waste Management is one of them.

Fox Business also recommends investing in Waste Management. After all, booming economy or not, everybody still has garbage that need putting away.

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