For meat lovers only

If you’re looking for sustainable meat products, Ideal bite offers this run-down of what those labels mean:

  • “Organic” – animals get access to the outdoors (cows, sheep, and goats get pasture time), bedding materials, and aren’t injected with hormones or antibiotics.
  • “Cage-free” Poultry – birds aren’t kept in cages.
  • “Free-range” – animals are given access to the outdoors.
  • “Pasture-raised”/”grass-fed” – animals get access to the outdoors and can graze.
  • “Humanely raised” – animals get exercise and their cages are big enough for them to move in.
  • “Hormone-free” – cows aren’t injected with any hormones (using hormones on chickens and pigs is already against the law).

Or you can always just ask.

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