Fish is not food…at the moment

Recently here in the Philippines, news broke out about the widespread death of fish in fish farms. No, it’s not anything sinister. It’s just that fish farms have been operating following greed as a principle. One area is supposed to hold only 30,000 fish, but many operators have been piling in 50,000 to as high as 100,000, leaving the fish with no room to swim and even breathe.

That certainly sounds terrible enough. But apparently, the fish are also being fed feeds that consist mainly of chicken manure. I can’t fathom how anyone thinks stuffing a fish farm with too many fish and feeding them chicken manure of all things is a good idea, but hey, maybe it makes sense to the fish farm owners. One thing’s for sure, their attempt to turn large profits quickly has blown up in their faces, since nobody’s keen on buying fish these days.

I think this situation also calls into question the assertion that fish is a more healthful alternative to meat, since over here, it seems like both fish farm owners and livestock farms think that it’s a good plan to feed fish and livestock nothing but rubbish and then make them available for human consumption to people, not thinking that what they put into the animals actually have an effect on them and whoever consumes them as well.

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