Even death can be green

This might be a bit morbid for some, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about this aspect of the future because eventually, that’s where we’ll all end up.

On that cheery note, I’d like to introduce the concept of…a green death! Apparently, living a green lifestyle isn’t just the only thing people are thinking about these days.

Take Northern Casket. This Ontario, Canada-based company is known for its Enviro-Casket™, which promises to be metal-, plastic-, and chemical-free.

Enviro-Caskets use wooden hinges and braces, undyed and unbleached cotton fabric and are finished with either natural walnut oil or beeswax. All the products used will completely degrade in 30 to 60 years.

In Scotland, the people are seriously thinking about eco-friendly graveyards and are even considering freeze-drying, which will allow one’s remains to be absorbed by the earth.

And here I was thinking of opting for cremation. I figured it’s one way to save on graveyard space, plus that would mean I wouldn’t take up any more space on the planet than I have to. But apparently, it’s not a very eco-friendly option either, what with the energy being used for the process.

Casket image taken from the Northern Casket website

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