From Anna Aurilio, U.S. PIRG Legislative Director:

Over the last few years, U.S. PIRG members have helped pass new rules to cut air pollution from cars and diesel trucks and to stop the Bush administration from weakening the Clean Air Act. Now, we need your help to strengthen air quality standards for ozone “smog” pollution, which can trigger asthma attacks and harm even the healthiest lungs.

In June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a slight strengthening of the national air quality standard for ozone. Unfortunately, EPA’s proposal falls short of what its own scientific advisors said is necessary to protect public health. We need your help to urge the administration to strengthen the standards so that they protect public health, not polluters.

The EPA wants to hear from you about smog pollution, and we only have until October 9th, so send your comment today. To send your email, click here.

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