Environmental Evan

Evan Almighty might as well be called Evan Green. The filmmakers worked with the Conservation Fund and calculated carbon emissions during the shoot. They then planted carbon dioxide-absorbing trees to “zero out” the emission. During production, they recycled building materials, used double-sided recycled paper, melted the steel from the ark’s infrastructure and donated to Habitat for Humanity. The director Tom Shadyac bought bicycles for cast and crew, and they all drank bottled HtoO (Hope to Others). This is a charity he founded that donates 100% of profits after taxes to charities worldwide. (They recycled the plastic bottles, of course.) Now they are asking moviegoers to make a tax-deductible contribution of $5 on Get on Board Now to help plant trees in the Almighty Forest. So far over 25000 trees have been planted. They even had a green carpet for the premiere and a green after party with a recycled goody bag.

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