We all know how those ubiquitous petroleum-based plastic water bottles end up in landfills if we don’t recycle them. Burning them with regular trash releases toxic fumes. And yet, the recycling rate has held steady at 27 %. Then we heard about a compostable bottle: Re:newal.

They are made from PLA (polylactic acid), a polymer derived from corn. The bottles can be sent for recycling, or if thrown in trash, will biodegrade within 90 days. Even the label is made from this plant starch. The water comes from privately owned Kelley Springs, a natural spring low in impurities. Even the Cancer Treatment Centers of America started distributing them in their hospitals.

What did I think about it? The water is tasteless and odorless, the way water should be. I also like the neat packaging. Even the font is unobtrusive. So if you don’t have BPA-free reusable water bottles, Re:newal is a great alternative. Let’s hope grocery stores start carrying them soon.

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