Spotted on Jackson Free Press: Eco-Resolutions to Live By. Kelly Bryan Smith has listed down some pretty realistic changes she’s going to make in her life every month in order to become more environmentally friendly. It puts me in mind of my own green resolutions. This year, I think I did fairly well. I managed to reduce the use of the air conditioner during summertime, encourage the nearby supermarket to look into reusable shopping bags (they have yet to make them available, but they said plans are underway), and bring reusable bags to the local Sunday market.

It could be better, of course, so for 2008, I pledge to:

  • Start paying bills online, where available. I hope this means my credit card company, for example, will quit sending billing statements with all those extra print materials.
  • Keep bringing reusable bags where they’re accepted. Bringing your own bag is still considered a security issue for other establishments.
  • Get more involved in environmental issues, and get in touch with local groups.
  • Refrain from purchasing unnecessary items, such as clothing (because I honestly have more than enough and don’t really need more)
  • Get the leaky faucet fixed!
  • Find alternatives to disposable pens.
  • Stop eating out at restaurants so much and whip up more meals at home.

What are the green pledges you’re going to make for 2008? I hope you get to follow through on all of them!

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