Eco-friendly soap wanted!

jlynn89 over at Etsy posted this on the website:

I would like a soap that is somewhat eco-friendly. I am also looking for something that will not dry out my skin. My skin gets dry easily, and I kind of want something that will moisturize it as well as cleaning. I want something that will clean really well, too. Perhaps a nice invigorating scent to wake me up in the morning! Thanks!

The post intrigued me, so I tried to look up recipes for homemade eco-friendly soaps; you can’t get more eco-friendly than that, I reckon. I found this news tidbit about soapmakers in Malaysia. Sounds green enough, but I’m not really sure I want to use a soap made out of used cooking oil on my face and body. Moving on…

The Soap Queen also has a recipe for an eco-chic soap, and Greeniacs has a pretty detailed recipe for eco-friendly soaps.

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