Eco-friendly eyeglasses

I used to break my eyeglasses a lot when I was a teenager. Thinking about how many pairs I ruined and how much money was wasted makes me cringe today, and I’m not forgetting the act that those eyeglasses are now part of the world’s giant pile of waste. Today, my eyeglasses last for years. I just have to get two pairs at a time if I feel like changing up my look every now and then. I still enjoy checking out eyeglasses, of course, and these sustainable ones caught my eye.

Sepulveda by Siempre Verde
Sepulveda by Siempre Verde is made with handcrafted sustainable bamboo. The company also plants a tree for every eyeglass purchase as part of its reforestation efforts around the world.

Model 1079, Eco-OpticsIf I were getting a new pair, these eyeglasses by Eco is what I would be likely to get. The color of the glasses shown here is Wine, but Purple Red looks really good, too. Eco makes all its eyeglasses with 95% recycled materials. Eco also plants a tree for every eyewear sold.

Drift Eyewear eyeglassesDrift makes its wooden frames out of sustainable wood, including bamboo, walnut, and maple. What’s more, they also use VOC-free materials and the travel pouch for their eyeglasses is made from 100% organic linen and 100% organic cotton.

Sires Crown Adamina Rosewood EyeglassesThe pair shown on the left is called Adamina Rosewood and is just one of the many eyeglass models made by Sires Crown. The company uses sustainable wood in its many eyeglass offerings. Sires Crown works with Trees with the Future as well, through which the company plants 20 to 100 trees for every eyeglass pair sold.

Linkskin eyeglassesLinkskin uses recycled plastics and stainless steel in its frames. Its products are accredited by Green Label of Singapore.

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