Eco-friendly dry cleaning?

Is there even such a thing? Everyone knows it’s a hard concept to swallow, plus it’s hell on one’s budget, but this rather confusing article provides examples of organic, eco-friendly dry cleaning, like dry cleaning that uses hydrocarbon solvents, but which the EPA says ISN’T green at all. Then there’s also “wet cleaning,” which I think kind of contradicts the whole “dry cleaning concept.”

The article concludes with this:

James Kohm with the Federal Trade Commission say the best advice for consumers is to ask.

“If you’re not sure what organic dry cleaning means, go to your drycleaner and ask exactly what they mean,” he says.

Again, entirely unhelpful, because dry cleaners will have their own idea what eco-friendliness means, and what they think might be an eco-friendly option might not be as green as they think. This article from Lighter Footstep can help guide you in your search for greener dry cleaning, and Totally Her has a short list of green dry cleaners in different states.

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