I might have a mild case of eco-anxiety. I feel guilty when I use the drive-up window or start the car engine in the winter to defrost windows; worry about vampire energy when I leave the house; have a collection of non-rechargeable but used up batteries, outdated electronic products and even expired medications (I’m afraid to dump these in the sink because they’ll get into the water supply). I see dioxins, parabens and petrolatum in all products. Getting take-out (which they inevitably put in plastic or styrofoam containers)makes this non-cook anxious. I started buying organic or free-range dairy products. Only to find out that these might actually be worse, because free range chickens never go outside because they are so obese they can’t move. Plus the animals might not get treated if they are sick because medicating them would disqualify their milk or eggs from being labeled organic. I look at my CDs, DVDs and books and wonder how did I come to this and why can’t I stop myself? I go online, watch TV or turn on lights to generate some household chi and wonder how much greenhouse gases I’m emitting right now. I buy recycled paper products and eco-friendly cleaning materials but worry if they will degrade in landfills. My co-worker keeps giving me scrap paper so we don’t have to shred these papers that only have print on one side. I worry that I’m using too much water. I am afraid of mad cow disease from meat products and E. Coli in veggies. I get a little upset when I see Chilean sea bass on the menu. I felt bad turning on the lights in the Christmas tree and wrapping presents. A little information IS dangerous. HELP!

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