Ecco Bella

Yesterday, I went to our neighborhood natural/organic market and finally came across Ecco Bella!

I’ve been hee-hawing on throwing out my old makeup stash, only because I didn’t know where to buy greener stuff. I mean, sure I can order online, but how on earth am I going to see whether or not the foundation matches my skin tone? There’s only one way to do that – to have the products physically in front of you. Or at least, that’s how I buy my cosmetics.

Anyway, thank the lucky stars, I discovered the natural/organic store in our town. And yes, they did have a makeup counter. So I kept putting on the foundation at the back of my hand to find the right shade. (And yes, I should pick natural. Linen and tan were way too dark for me.) Of course, I didn’t buy anything at that moment. But at least I know the right shade of foundation for my skin. And where to buy it.

But that’s not the end of it. When I got home, I headed straight to the sink to wash the gunk off my hand. To my surprise, all it took was water…yes, WATER…to clean it off!

Magical! Gone are the days when I have to use a greasy makeup remover. I can’t wait to give Ecco Bella a serious try.

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