Earth Hour 2010 in the Philippines is done

Okay, I admit that I and our mother didn’t get to do Earth Hour properly this year, since we were out to dinner. During our drive home, one can’t really say we were in serious darkness. There was still plenty of light, although some did make an effort. Some billboards weren’t illuminated, Quezon Memorial Circle was completely dark, two malls (SM North and Trinoma) were relatively dim, and the main building of GMA 7 was dark all over, save for a couple of billboards. The picture you see on the left was taken across SM North EDSA, and the lights at the bottom come from the vehicles rushing down EDSA. A note was passed around our neighborhood reminding everyone about Earth Hour, and while most people complied, one house in particular didn’t, since the people living there were having a big party. I’d say whatever power we didn’t use, they made sure to make up for it with their event.

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