Earth Day

From Environment New York:

“What better way to celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of Earth Day than to help break through the political logjam that’s holding America back from achieving real energy independence.

Fortunately, our friends at environmental groups across the country agree. Together, we’re launching a massive petition drive — and we’ve pledged to do our part by gathering thousands of signatures for an online Declaration of Energy Independence, which we’ll deliver to our senators on April 22, Earth Day.

40 years ago this month, a group of Americans responded to a growing environmental crisis by organizing the first Earth Day. Roughly 20 million people took part in protests, teach-ins and rallies. And it worked. In short order, Congress passed the Clean Air Act, strengthened the Clean Water Act, and created the Environmental Protection Agency.

40 years later, we’ve made real progress on so many fronts — but we’re even more dependent on foreign oil than we were then. Politicians keep making promises about energy independence, but we keep getting the same results — more oil, more coal, more pollution, less security and a bleaker future for our children.

It’s time to stop the insanity. Our online petition says:

Since the first Earth Day began 40 years ago, and despite incredible progress on environmental protection, America has a failing energy policy that continues to reward polluters, undermines the health of the American people, threatens our national and economic security, and keeps us dependent on energy sources from overseas.

We call on Congress to finally push aside the obstruction of the polluter lobby and stand with America’s Clean Energy Patriots. We call for America’s elected leaders to join us as Clean Energy Patriots and deliver on the promise of a clean energy revolution and climate action now.

The first Earth Day unleashed a movement that brought about cleaner air, cleaner water and new protections for parks, wilderness and wildlife across America. This Earth Day, we can unleash the power of clean energy to end our dependence on oil, resolve the climate crisis, and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Click here to sign what we hope will be a massive petition drive to kick-start a new energy future.

And, thanks, as always, for making it all possible.”

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