Earth 911

Don’t know what and where to recycle? Earth911 to the rescue! Here’s Ideal Bite’s recycling cheat sheet:

  • You don’t need to remove labels from cans and bottles, but you do need to remove plastic caps (and throw them away).
  • Your recyclables don’t need to be spotless – just not moldy or full of food. Save water – don’t rinse ’til clean.


  • Unbroken bottles are easier for workers to sort than broken ones.


  • Most containers, such as tins and cans, and aluminum foil.


  • Newspapers, magazines, photocopies, shoe boxes, envelopes (including ones with glassine windows).


  • Plastics #1-#2 – recyclable in most areas. Usually found in 2-liter and detergent bottles, milk jugs and food containers.
  • Plastics #3-#7 – more difficult to recycle, they are found in Styrofoam, pipes, shrink wrap, padded envelopes, trash liners and more. Check with your local facility to see if it recycles these plastics.
  • Yogurt Cups – recyclable in most areas, especially the #2 plastic kind.

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