Do some green shopping

Of course, it would be a lot greener if you didn’t have to shop at all, helping you stay away from all the packaging and possible waste. But there are plenty of necessities that you just have to buy.

  • My Earth Too! offers eco-friendly clothes, accessories, home furnishings, and cleaning products. Right now, their online store mainly features apparel, but you can purchase their products in places like J.C. Penney and Kohl’s.
  • Primo Soriano wants to help young girls avoid the terror of being caught having their first period without any emergency supplies with the help of the Tomkit, or the Time-of-the-Month Kit. Each kit contains organic hand sanitizers and biodegradable pads and pantyliners.
  • The New Zealand-based Ecostore mainly serves New Zealand and Australia, and its catalogue of products consists of skin care, laundry, and gardening items.
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