Desperately seeking a greener way to dry your hair

I confess to needing a hair dryer everyday, which makes me feel guilty knowing all the energy hair dryers use, especially the really powerful ones. The other day, it occurred to me to look for a more eco-friendly way to dry your hair. There’s the option of simply air drying, of course, but it’s not the best way if you’re in a rush or if you have some event to go to. I found a couple of hair dryers that promise eco-friendliness though.

Barbar Ceramic Eco 8000 has a
“ceramic heating element” that “negates radiation.” I’m not exactly sure what it means to negate radiation, but I do know that the product makes hair drying even faster, ensuring that you get to use even less energy. It costs $150, pricier than the average hair dryer, but it sounds like a worthwhile investment if it does a great job of drying hair AND conserving energy.

Hot Tools Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is yet another hair dryer that can dry hair in less than half the usual time. It used to go for $90, but is now selling for $65.

If you know of any other eco-friendly hair dryers available, I’d love to know about it–I could use some help!

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