Dear Rice to Riches

Today, I was able to enjoy one of your tasty rice puddings for the first time. I was even pleased to see that behind the counter, you had a colorful array of containers in various sizes. They look like pretty sturdy, reusable plastic containers, and they had me wondering if we had to return each container to the counter after we polished off our puddings or–heaven forbid–throw them in the waste bin. I thought it couldn’t be possible that we had to throw them out; it turns out that was what we were supposed to do.

Now these containers aren’t made of some flimsy material that will make them unusable after one serving of pudding. The containers can basically double as a candy bowl or can even hold a small box of cookies you can bring with you to work.

So, my dear Rice to Riches, why don’t you just collect the containers afterward and wash them for reuse, or even encourage customers to take them home and bring them to your stores the next time they get a hankering for your rice pudding?

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