Cyber Clean

The office of the company where I used to work was located near the food court of a shopping mall, believe it or not. You could pretty much consider the area the mall’s basement, and for some reason, no matter how clean I used to leave my cubicle every night, the next day, there would be some inexplicable layer of dust covering the desk. One of the worst victims is always my keyboard, but then again everyone’s keyboard always suffers from dust and dirt that managed to scurry their way underneath the keys (tap out your keyboard right now and you’ll see what I mean). If you want to get all that muck out of your keyboard, you might want to check out Cyber Clean. It’s basically a sort of, er, slime that you roll all over your keyboard, and it sucks up all the dirt your keyboard houses. Once you’re done, you can toss out the goop in a guilt-free manner–it’s biodegradable!

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