Chicken power!

See? If people put their heads together and think about things hard enough, we’ll realize that there is always a better solution, a better alternative. I suppose we can be thankful for all the people who are trying to think of ways for the planet to be powered by clean fuels–great job, everyone.

A new option that has presented itself is extracting fuel from chicken fat, and a chemical process called supercritical methanol treatment can make this happen. The article goes on to say that “The findings revealed that chicken fat and tall oil treated with supercritical methanol produced biodiesel yields in excess of 89 and 94%, respectively.”

Apart from being a source of biodiesel, I was wondering if this could also be a good way to eliminate fat from one’s chicken-based meals, assuming the fat were to be extracted before packing and shipping chicken meat, or if the fat will be removed after cooking, then at least a good recycling method. Although this is really something vegans would shun. I certainly hope no one’s thinking of raising chickens just for their fuel potential.

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