Why not travel green?

It’s not impossible to travel green. It can be done, but it DOES require a lot of planning. Here are some tips that I personally try to do:

1. Select an eco-friendly destination. Visit parks – be it local, state or national parks. Better yet, go to the National Park Service website.

2. If you’re flying, choose non-stop flights and get electronic tickets.

3. If you’re going to cities, use public transportation. You cut costs on car rentals and gas emissions.

4. Stay in hotels that have green programs.

5. Don’t use the toiletries in hotels if you brought yours.

6. Go on walking, biking or hiking tours. Better yet, try stargazing at night. It’s free.

7. If renting a car is inevitable, choose a car with good mpg.

8. Pack light, smart and green.

9. Use a digital camera. If you’re still toting around films in their little containers, reuse the little containers to hold coins, etc. Disposable cameras are worse.

10. Get the brochures and maps you’ll need, nothing more. The excess usually ends up in the trash bin.

Have a safe and green summer!