Maple Syrup Time!

Cecile suggested we check out Warrup’s Farm in Redding, Connecticut. Yesterday was the first day for collecting sap from the maple trees to make syrup. The farm is certified organic, and one can apply to their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) partnership program.
The collecting buckets, or taps as they call them. That’s the sugarhouse in the background.
Candy is just sap boiled to higher temperatures than syrup.
the spout and bucket
One of the holes from prior years.
Drilling a hole in the tree

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How about some raw chocolate for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? UliMana products are made from organic ingredients full of antioxidants, magnesium, and is sweetened with the very healthy agave nectar. The company is based in Asheville, North Carolina but will ship anywhere.
Or if you’re in the mood for some Fair Trade chocolates, become a Theonista. Visit Theo Chocolate.

Ole’ Chipotle!

Chipotle is now offering the vegan chicken product called Garden Blend at their location in Chelsea. It is made of wheat protein, soy protein, and fresh vegetables, then marinated in Chipotle’s adobo sauce and grilled. They debuted the product in Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C. last year.

The address is 149 8th Ave (between W17th and W18th)., New York, NY 10011-5107. Their phone number is (212) 620-4015. Let’s hope they start serving it in all their restaurants nationwide.

(photo from Veg News)