Buy quality

Most people prefer to spend big bucks on big ticket purchases like refrigerators and freezers, cooktops, ranges and wall ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers, etc. Then they skimp money on household appliances like blenders and mixers, coffee makers, deep fryers, electric kettles, grills and griddles, irons and steamers, microwaves, food processors, toasters, vacuum cleaners and others. It sounds like good money sense, doesn’t it? But is it really?

For starters, you use the small household appliances as often as the big ones. Bear in mind that cheap products are, for the most part, made of cheap parts. When the products have cheap parts, they break down easily. When they break down, you can try to replace the parts or you have to buy a new one. If it’s the former, good luck in looking for and finding the replacement parts. If it’s the latter, discarding the broken appliance might be difficult and creates unnecessary waste.

You don’t have to buy everything top-of-the-line and up-to-date. You also don’t have to buy all the small household appliances out there. If you can find them second-hand but still in great working order, go for it. Give the appliances a new home.

Just remember: buy quality. Buy only what you need and what you will actually use.

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