Breathe cleaner air indoors. Use plants!

I was never into plants when I was younger. But there came a point in my years of existence when I thought, “why not give plants a try?” At first, I had no clue what to do. I would water, sometimes overwater. It was difficult trying to figure out how to make my plants survive. Thankfully, not a lot of plants were sacrificed during those years. Imagine my joy when my peace lily actually bloomed!

Now I have 3 pots of golden pothos, one pot of chlorophytum, one pot of palm, numerous lucky bamboo or dracaena (mind you, it’s not really bamboo), and one big and one small pot of jade all in all. For both my office and at home.

Conclusion? Owning and keeping plants = doable. Even for those without a green thumb, like me.

I don’t need to tell you that plants are great decorations. They liven up your space – whether it’s at home or at work. If you go to a plant nursery, you might notice that the air inside smells different. Cleaner somehow. It’s actually relaxing just being surrounded by plants.

Bring green inside your home or your workspace. It really makes a difference.

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