Book your own business trips and save the planet!

Okay, so it’s not really clear to me how corporations can reduce carbon emissions by encouraging their employees to use online travel booking tools (and I’d love it if you could explain to me how), but if it saves the environment, then to them I say, “Good for you, and keep it up.”

Speaking of booking trips, we used to do it the old-fashioned way: Visit a travel agency about an hour away in really horrible traffic, pay the fare, then go back another time in the future when the tickets are ready for pick-up. Of course, we could have just gone to a nearby travel agency to book our trips, but the travel agent is an old family friend and she always gave us decent rates.

These days, we find it a lot easier to deal with our new travel agent (our friend now works from home, which is a couple of hours away–if we’re lucky). Her office is also an hour away from us, but we don’t drop in anymore. Instead, we just call her to book a trip, she e-mails us the itinerary and the e-tickets (thank goodness for e-tickets!), and all we have to do is drive to a bank to deposit the payment. Now if there’s a way for them to accept payments without us having to make the trip to a bank, then we’re all set!

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