Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change

Today’s Blog Action Day 2009!

Thank goodness for efforts like Blog Action Day to keep spreading the word about important issues like climate change!

Now, what can we say about climate change? For starters, it is obvious to us that climate change is happening as we speak. We can choose to do nothing, or we can choose to do something. We can sit back, relax and think that climate change is some vague, abstract concept that will not affect us. But that’s not really the case.

Recently in the Philippines, it was hit by two…TWO!…storms that left most of Luzon underwater, all within a span of one week. It was threatened by another one, which thankfully, stayed away and spared the country more grief. Add to that the tsunami in the South Pacific + Typhoons in Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan + Earthquake in Indonesia.

The thing with climate change is, its effects are fairly obvious. The Center for American Progress posted a comprehensive list Top 100 Effects of Global Warming. Read this list. Seriously. If you never thought it will affect you, then think again.

There is a world out there that needs our help. The first step we can take is to acknowledge that action is required from all of us. Starting now.

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