BioDepot franchising opportunity!

BioDepot takes pride in being the first “green courier” franchise in the UK–and with good reason. The company sells cooking oil to commercial kitchens and collects them after use, and will then process the oil into biodiesel.

BioDepot’s operationally and logistically sound, low carbon footprint eco-business model focuses on establishing bio-diesel production facilities at a local level, close to both feedstocks and customers. Even the new cooking oil which BioDepot supplies is produced from sustainable plantations and, naturally, all BioDepot vehicles are themselves powered by the biodiesel produced.

I can see how this one could work really well, and the best part is a business like this can work everywhere. Who doesn’t use cooking oil, after all? The company aims to set up 50 BioDepots in the UK, so if you’ve got a burning desire to help the planet and £35,000 for the franchise fee, check out their website for more info.

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