BetterWorld Bookstore

I get my books brand-new straight from bookshops, but only if my trusty second- or third-hand booksellers don’t carry the titles I’m looking for. And because shopping for books is always, always a painful experience in my neck of the woods, what with books being expensive and extremely hard to find most times, I’ve also ordered books online. Nothing wrong with that, eh? Except I increase my carbon footprint and the online store’s as well thanks to international shipping.

But here’s something nifty I found on Treehugger. BetterWorld Bookstore isn’t just a bookstore. They also keep discarded books from languishing in landfills and they help fund literacy around the world as well. And if that’s not enough, they also work with Carbonfund in providing Carbonfree™ Shipping.

I’m going to have to take a look at their catalogue, because I’m totally willing to buy from them. $2.95 for worldwide shipping? And I get to help a cause and get the book I want as well? Excellent.

Logo from the BetterWorld Bookstore website

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