Architect Barbie's dream house

Barbie has a green dream house!

And I think it’s my dream house as well, once all the pink has been removed. Barbie’s been known for taking on various identities (I’m especially fond of Jewel Secrets Barbie) and jobs (what HASN’T Barbie achieved?), but this year, she’s adding another feather in her cap by becoming—Architect Barbie! Best of all, she’s a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and is a LEED-accredited architect. One of her recent projects is…her own house! Just take a look at this thing of beauty. It features solar panels, bamboo flooring, low-flow toilets, and a green roof among other eco-friendly features.

The design of the house was developed by Ting Li and Maja Pakler, and this received the most number of votes in the competition held by AIA and Mattel.

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