Arroceros Forest Park

The city of Manila needs all the greenness it can get, and yesterday, the Arroceros Forest Park was formally reopened! Mayor Alfredo Lim overturned a decision by former mayor Lito Atienza to build over the park.

At 10:40 a.m., Lim attended a thanksgiving Mass organized by Winner Foundation for the reopening of Arroceros Forest Park. The affair was attended by environmentalists and artists who used to frequent the area before former Mayor Lito Atienza ordered it closed to the public.

Winner president Regina Paterno said they were “ecstatic” over the reopening of the park even though 70 percent of the trees had been cut down to give way to the City Schools Division Office building.

Goodness knows Manila–and Metro Manila itself–badly needs a quiet little haven. I’m looking forward to visiting the park very soon.

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