An eco-friendly Hummer: Possible?

The Hummer has been widely maligned far and wide for being a gas-guzzling monster, spawning criticism and even FUH2, a website containing pictures of people giving the “Hummer salute.” After years and years of living with a horrible reputation and enduring tongue lashings, has the Hummer finally come to its senses? It certainly seems that way with the help of Raser Technologies.

Raser Technologies, Inc. unveiled a 100+ mpg Hummer H3 powered by Raser’s plug-in hybrid E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle) at the 2009 SAE International World Congress, Cobo Center, Detroit, MI.

Raser developed the 100+ mpg Electric H3 demonstration vehicle working closely with Hummer.

The development could help trucks and SUVs become greener, according to Raser CEO Brent M. Cook. Well yeah. I mean, 100 mpg? Seriously? Anybody would willingly jump into that. Let’s see if a green Hummer will be widely embraced as the Prius.

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