Action needed

From Environment New York:

In the next few days Congress is going to vote on the economic recovery package that everyone’s been talking about for the last two months. For the environment, the big question remains: Will Congress vote to create a stronger, more sustainable economy by investing in green jobs and a green economic recovery?

The answer: Not without your action this week.

Click here to urge your member of Congress to support green jobs and a green economic recovery.

Increasing energy efficiency, expanding public transportation, deploying renewable energy technology, and reducing the pollution that causes global warming are the key elements of a strong, green economic recovery package.

Our research shows that we could reduce the pollution that causes global warming by 10 percent and replace the power equivalent of 170 dirty, coal-fired power plants with clean energy if we make the right choices for stimulating the economy.

Your member of Congress is about to vote on Obama’s economic recovery bill — hopefully in the next few days — and our staff in Washington, D.C., has told me that the bill contains many of the specific recommendations we made to the Presidential Transition Team.

Just imagine: If Congress approves the Obama recovery proposal, we could quickly put Americans to work building more wind farms, installing millions of solar roofs and weatherizing millions of homes while allowing new clean, green industries to take hold in a strengthened economy.

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