Abu Dhabi wants to create the greenest city in the world

The emirate has launched its plans and its campaign to make Masdar City the world’s most environmentally friendly city.

With the help of WWF and the One Planet Living program, Abu Dhabi will be taking steps to ensure that Masdar City will function according to the principles of One Planet Living.

The One Planet Living program’s 10 guiding principles of sustainability are: Zero carbon, zero waste, sustainable transport, sustainable materials, sustainable food, sustainable water, habitats and wildlife, culture and heritage, equity and fair trade, and, health and happiness.

These targets are to be achieved by the time the Masdar City is completed and fully functioning in 2012.

Even if they’re creating a city from scratch and making it entirely green, it is still as challenging as weaning a city from non-greenness. For starters, you have to make sure that the green city stays green. They’ve got four years to make this all happen!

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