A reader shares his duct tape bag experiment

From our reader, Chris:

I used a tie-dye shirt for one and have a few pictures of it. I also made one from an Adidas tee shirt and it did not turn out as well. The bottom is not as good, the handles (shoulders) are a little thin and the logo is on the end. It looks like I am carrying a tee shirt. I think the main things to try (without buying the book) are to make sure you leave enough width for the shoulder straps. When you staple the bottom you should then cut the shirt off below as close to the staples as
possible (but not too close). Then spread the seam to each side so it isn’t as bulky. Taping everything after stapling makes the staples undetectable. No one knew that it was stapled. Of course, next time I do this I will also work hard to tape the shirt down smoothly. For now I contend that the wrinkles create texture and personality 🙂

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