A partner in green – Staples

They’ve already been accepting old cellphones, chargers, PDAs, pagers and digital cameras for recycling, apart from rechargeable batteries. Then they came up with collecting inkjet and laser cartridges for recycling.

Guess what Staples came up with now?

Staples is helping all of us get rid of our old computer equipment like monitors, desktops and laptops (also printers, faxes, all-in-ones). Small items like keyboards, mouse and speakers are accepted at no charge. There’s a $10 per item fee. They don’t care what brand it is, they’ll accept it. Just bring your old items to Staples during business hours.

Now finally, we have somewhere to bring our old computer equipment. I don’t really mind the $10 per item fee. As long as I know the equipment will end up doing something good.

According to their website, they also practice recycling company-wide. Now that’s one company who’s doing its share. Check out their green statement here.

I daresay Staples is a great model. Recycling is often promoted, but in some places, pretty hard to put into practice. I’m glad a company out there is making an effort in making recycling easier for all of us.

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