A new level of computer recycling

We all know about computer companies like Dell and Apple taking back their products and recycling them for their customers. The old computers and other parts are taken apart, with still-functional portions being reused and what’s left and unusable being disposed of properly.

Of course, it would be really nice if we get to see what becomes of these computers once they’ve been recycled. There are other creative, innovative people however who turn computers into art and fashion. Finnish company Secco has taken a whole bunch of things, from keyboards to seatbelts to vinyl records, and turned them into some pretty stylish things, like this hairband made out of keypad buttons and this pot stand made out of computer ventilation grills and the ball found inside a computer mouse. The company aims for “the closing of the material cycle, while at the same time providing meaningful and enjoyable results for everybody involved.” They’re doing a pretty good job with their well-designed products!

Another company making fashion accessories out of recycled items is Connecticut-based 925Works. They make items out of old coins and even use computer power buttons to make earrings!

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